Guide to All Trumps Flour: Powerhouse for Baking Perfection

Guide to All Trumps Flour: Powerhouse for Baking Perfection

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All Trumps Flour has earned a legendary status among bakers for its high protein content and exceptional baking properties. But what exactly sets this flour apart? In this ultimate guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about this gluten powerhouse – from its unique characteristics to the best uses for All Trumps Flour. Whether you're a pizza enthusiast seeking the perfect crust or an artisan baker looking to create chewy bagels, understanding this flour's capabilities is key.

Why is it called All Trumps Flour?

All Trumps Flour is a high-gluten flour that has become a staple in many bakeries and pizzerias, known for its robust performance in baking. The name "All Trumps" is a trademark of General Mills, one of the largest food companies in the United States. While the exact reasoning behind the name is not publicly documented, it can be speculated that the name signifies excellence or superiority in quality, suggesting that this flour trumps all others in terms of its baking properties.

What is All Trumps Flour?

All Trumps Flour is a high-gluten flour, meaning it contains a higher protein content compared to regular all-purpose flour. The protein content in All Trumps Flour typically ranges from 14% to 16%, making it one of the strongest flours available commercially. This high protein content is what gives the flour its distinctive characteristics.

What are the main characteristics and benefits of All Trumps Flour?

  1. High Gluten Content: The high gluten content in All Trumps Flour makes it ideal for baking breads, bagels, and pizza crusts where a chewy texture is desired. Gluten is the protein that gives dough its elasticity and strength.
  2. *BetterWater Absorption: This flour can absorb more water compared to lower protein flours, resulting in a higher yield. This is particularly beneficial in commercial baking operations.
  3. Dough Strength and Elasticity: The strength of the dough made with All Trumps Flour is particularly advantageous for breads that require a strong gluten network to hold their shape and for pizza doughs that need to be stretched thin.
  4. Versatility: While it’s famous for bread and pizza, this flour can also be used in a variety of other baked goods where a denser, chewier texture is desired.

What are the ideal uses of All Trumps Flour?

  • Bread and Rolls: All Trumps Flour is perfect for artisan breads, rolls, and other baked goods that benefit from a chewy texture and a strong crust.
  • Pizza Dough: The flour's high gluten content makes it a favorite for pizza dough, providing the necessary chewiness and structure.
  • Bagels and Pretzels: These traditionally chewy items benefit greatly from the flour’s high protein content.
  • Pastries Requiring Durability: For pastries that need to hold their shape or have a more substantial bite, All Trumps Flour is an excellent choice.

Can you provide details about the composition and quality of All Trumps Flour?

All Trumps Flour, offered by General Mills/Gold Medal Flour, is a spring wheat, high-gluten flour milled from a selected blend of hard wheat. It is an enriched, bromated, unbleached flour with a 14.2% protein level. The ingredients include wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, potassium bromate, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid.

How does All Trumps Flour contribute to the quest for the perfect pizza dough?

The search for the perfect pizza dough is akin to an epic journey. Many pizza lovers and makers have long sought to create a New York-style pie with the ideal crust: crisp on the outside while still being light and chewy on the inside. All Trumps Flour might just be the shortcut in this never-ending quest, promising to shorten kneading time and hasten the proofing process. 

All Trumps Flour's high protein content of 14.2% is not just a number; it translates to a stronger, firmer dough, essential for achieving the classic New York-style pizza's characteristic thin, crispy yet chewy crust. The high gluten content further enhances this by providing the necessary structure and elasticity, making the dough easier to handle and shape. This is particularly important when aiming for a pizza crust that is thin but can withstand the weight of toppings without becoming soggy.

Using All Trumps Flour for pizza dough is an art in itself. The flour’s characteristics significantly impact the final product's texture and flavor. When making pizza, various factors such as yeast quality, kitchen humidity, and temperature play a crucial role, but the choice of flour can make or break the pizza. All Trumps have consistently resulted in a dough that’s not only easy to work with but also produces a crust that is the ideal balance of crispy and chewy - a culinary dream for any pizza lover.

What is the versatility of All Trumps Flour beyond pizza?

Apart from pizza, All Trumps Flour can be used for various recipes, such as:

  • New York Bagels: Lighter in texture than traditional New York bagels due to the absence of malted barley syrup in the pizza dough recipe.
  • Pretzel Bites: Boiled in water and baking soda before baking, these pretzel bites were best eaten fresh out of the oven.
  • Sandwich Bread: The dough, when baked as bread, tasted remarkably like Italian bread.
  • Scali Bread: A braided Italian bread, named after the Scali family, also turned out well with this flour.

All Trumps Flour versatility extends to other baked goods. From New York-style bagels to pretzel bites and various bread types, this flour has proven its worth across a wide range of recipes. Its high protein content and gluten strength make it suitable for recipes that require a chewy texture and robust structure, such as bagels and artisan breads.

All Trumps Flour is a standout choice for anyone serious about baking, especially for those seeking the perfect New York-style pizza crust. Its high protein and gluten content, coupled with the resulting dough's strength and elasticity, make it a valuable ingredient in any baker's pantry. While the use of bromated flour is a point of consideration, the decision ultimately lies with the individual baker. All Trumps Flour has been an indispensable asset in achieving consistently high-quality, delicious baked goods. Whether you are a professional baker or a home pizza enthusiast, All Trumps Flour is certainly worth exploring for your baking adventures.

How does All Trumps Flour compare with other types of flours?

Compared to standard bread flour, All Trumps Flour stands out for its higher protein content, making it more suitable for thin crust pizzas. Bread flour, with its slightly lower protein content, is better for thicker crusts that require more shape retention during baking. This difference in protein content illustrates the importance of selecting the right flour for your specific baking needs. While the average protein content of bread flour is around 12.7%, All Trumps stands at 14.2%, making it ideal for thin crust pizzas like New York-style, needing additional protein. In contrast, bread flour, with its stickier dough, is better suited for thicker crust pizzas.

Is All Trumps Flour worth the investment for baking?

All Trumps Flour is worth every penny. The results are consistent and unbeatable, particularly for making New York-style pizza. While the risks of using a bromated flour are there, the decision ultimately lies with the user. For me, All Trumps is a true legend in pizza making, unmatched by high-gluten flours, premium bread flours, or all-purpose flour.

When to Use All Trumps Flour

The choice between bleached and unbleached flour often depends on the specific needs of a recipe and personal preferences. Here are some considerations for when to use bleached flour versus unbleached flour:


When to use:


  • Perfect for High-Protein Baking Needs: All Trumps Flour, with its 14-16% protein content, is ideal for recipes that benefit from high gluten, like bread, pizza crusts, bagels, and pretzels.
  • Excellent for Chewy Textures: If you're aiming for a chewy, strong texture in your baked goods, All Trumps is the go-to choice due to its high gluten content.
  • Ideal for Thin, Crispy Pizza Crusts: The flour's properties make it perfect for New York-style pizza dough, providing the necessary strength and chewiness.
  • Great for High-Yield Baking: Due to its better water absorption capabilities, it's beneficial for commercial baking where higher yield is important.
  • Works Well for Breads Needing Strong Gluten Network: Use it for artisan breads and rolls that require a strong gluten network for shape retention.
  • Suitable for Durable Pastries: For pastries that need to maintain their shape or have a substantial bite, All Trumps flour is a good choice.


When not to use:

  • Avoid for Tender, Soft Baked Goods: If you're baking cakes, pastries, or other items that require a tender, soft texture, All Trumps Flour might not be suitable due to its high protein content.
  • Not Ideal for Quick Breads or Certain Cookies: Quick breads or certain cookie recipes that don't require a chewy texture may not benefit from the high gluten content of All Trumps Flour.
  • Consider Alternatives for Gluten-Free Baking: Since All Trumps Flour is high in gluten, it's not suitable for gluten-free baking.
  • Be Cautious with Bromated Flour Concerns: While All Trumps Flour has its advantages, its bromated nature might be a concern for some bakers and consumers. In such cases, alternative flours should be considered.
  • Not the Best Choice for Delicate Flavors: For recipes where a delicate flavor is key, the robustness of All Trumps Flour might overpower the desired taste profile.
  • Evaluate Cost for Home Baking: Given its specific uses and benefits, All Trumps Flour might be an investment for home bakers. If your baking needs are varied and not focused on high-protein recipes, a different flour might be more cost-effective.


All Trumps Flour emerges as a powerhouse in the world of baking, especially for recipes requiring high protein and gluten content like New York-style pizza, chewy bagels, and artisan breads. Its superior water absorption and dough strength make it a favorite among professional bakers. However, its high gluten content means it's less suitable for tender, soft baked goods like cakes and certain cookies. Also, its bromated nature could be a concern for some, and its specialized use may not justify the cost for home bakers with varied needs. Ultimately, while All Trumps Flour holds a prestigious position in high-protein baking, it's important to choose the right flour based on the specific requirements of each recipe.