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Our hot cups are the perfect solution for coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses looking to serve hot beverages while minimizing their environmental impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What materials are the hot cups made from?

    • Our hot cups are primarily made from premium-quality, food-grade paper. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and maintain the integrity of the beverage or food inside. For our environmentally-conscious bakers, we also offer options made from compostable and recyclable materials.
  • Are the hot cups suitable for both beverages and hot baked goods?

    • Absolutely! While our hot cups are popularly used for beverages, they are also perfect for serving hot baked items such as soups, porridges, and even individual-sized desserts.
  • Do the hot cups come with lids, or do they need to be purchased separately?

    • Some of our hot cup sets come with matching lids, while others might not. You can find detailed descriptions on each product page. We do offer a variety of lid options separately to ensure you find the perfect fit for your baking and beverage needs.
  • What sizes do the hot cups come in?

    • Our hot cups come in a range of sizes, typically from 8 oz. up to 20 oz. This caters to various needs, from serving espressos to larger-sized beverages or soups. Size details and the volume each cup can hold are provided on the individual product pages.
  • How resistant are the hot cups to leakage?

    • Our hot cups are designed to be leak-resistant, ensuring that the contents stay securely inside. The quality paper and manufacturing process ensure that the cups can handle hot contents without compromising their structure.
  • Are there bulk or wholesale discounts for commercial bakers?

    • Absolutely! We understand the needs of commercial bakers, and therefore, we offer special discounts for bulk or wholesale purchases. The discount rate may vary based on the quantity, so please reach out to our sales team for specific details.