Our all-purpose flour is available in bulk for bakeries or for individuals looking to buy all-purpose flour. We offer a large selection of all-purpose flours from well-known brands. We include both bleached and unbleached all-purpose flour in bulk. Since 1917, Baker’s Authority has been distributing over 6,000 commercial and home bakery products.

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Our unbleached all-purpose flours, available in bulk, is perfect to create delectable artisan bread and yeasted pastries to serve fresh and warm in your bakery, bistro, or cafe. Our all-purpose flours have a moderate amount of protein to yield a tougher dough when mixed with liquids, yet contain no germ or bran to maintain its softness. Its versatility makes it ideal for creating delicious artisan bread, laminated dough, cookies, and scones in your establishment. Plus, it is never bleached nor bromated, thus eliminating the need for chemical agents as well as the risk of adding a slight chlorine taste to your foods. If you are interested in buying bleached or unbleached all-purpose flours, please check out our bulk all-purpose flour products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of all-purpose flour do you offer?

    • We offer a large selection of all-purpose flours from well-known brands. This includes both bleached and unbleached all-purpose flour, organic bread flour, self-rising flour, gluten-free flour, artisan flour, and others.
  • Do you offer flour in bulk?

    • Yes, we offer all-purpose flour in bulk. Whether you are a commercial bakery or an individual buyer, you can purchase our flour products in the quantity you need.
  • Are the flours bleached or unbleached?

    • We offer both bleached and unbleached all-purpose flours. You can choose based on your specific needs and preferences.
  • Do you offer any specialty all-purpose flours?

    • Yes, we offer a variety of specialty flours such as the organic bread flour with 10-11.5% protein, gluten-free flour from Bob's Red Mill, and unbleached, presifted all-purpose flour from Heckers, among others.
  • Who are some of the vendors for your flour products?

    • We distribute flours from a variety of vendors including General Mills, Wingold, Baker's Authority, Ardent Mills, Aunt Jemima, Heckers, Bob's Red Mill, Bay State Milling, and King Arthur.
  • How do I choose all-purpose flour?

    • Choosing all-purpose flour depends on your specific baking needs, dietary restrictions, and personal preferences. All-purpose flour, a blend of hard and soft wheat, is versatile for various baking and cooking recipes. The choice between bleached and unbleached flour can impact the outcome of your recipes; bleached flour undergoes a chemical process for a finer texture and lighter color, while unbleached flour ages naturally and might provide a better texture for items like pie crusts and pastries. Additionally, different brands of all-purpose flour may offer slight variations in texture, taste, and performance, so experimenting with a few brands might be beneficial to find the one that suits your baking needs best.