About us




gives us the right to call
ourselves the BAKERS AUTHORITY

Most companies don’t have the experience, product selection, or vendor contacts to claim they are the authoritative source for their industry. We have it all. We are the "BAKERS AUTHORITY".




Since 1917 spanning four generations, we have been supplying and distributing bakery products to commercial and home bakers. Flour, sugar, eggs, butter: a century later some ingredients simply don’t change. One thing did change: your ever-decreasing available time.  Bakers choose "
BAKERS AUTHORITY" because they know we’re their one-stop-shop that will save them precious time. 

Product Selection

So how do we have a better selection than anyone else? Because over 6000 products means we stock everything. Everything. Perishable staples like butter, milk, and eggs? That too: our giant freezer stocks all your dairy & frozen bakery needs. How big is a 91,000 square foot warehouse? Think Costco or Sam’s Club. Our product variety includes:

  • Specialty imports like Spanish pine nuts.
  • Hispanic cuisine items like guava filling & dulce de leche for this growing market.
  • Organic & Non-GMO foods for the hipster foodies.
  • Pantry essentials like vinegar, tomato paste, & canned beans.
  • Bakery paper supplies like cake boxes & labels because your final presentation is the first impression.
  • Bakery tools & equipment from your every day rolling pins to the hard to find cannoli stick.
  • Janitorial supplies from mops & brooms to soap & dispensers because cleanliness matters in the food industry.


Four generations later, our family-owned business has the experience and contacts in the bakery industry to supply our clients with any hard to find item on their shopping list.  Our “Bakers Concierge” will source or locate any product not listed on our website to complete your order, making Bakers Authority the one-stop-shop for any commercial or home baker.




1917: founded by ….

June 7th, 1944: David lands on Normandy Beach, on the second day of the D-Day invasion. He receives 4 purple hearts fighting the Nazis.


  • 1948: David marries Claire, and joins her mother’s flour and sugar wholesale distribution business.
  • Claire worked long hours waiting each night to check in her trucks when they returned. There were many winter seasons when she would only warm herself with a small space heater so the chocolate bunnies would not melt.
  • 1957: Stuart, David’s son, joins him at work on Sundays. Stuart secretly delivers bread and cake packages to the needy every week.
  • 2002: Dan, Stuart’s son, joins the company to become its top salesperson, helping to double revenue in the next 10 years.
  • 2005: The company becomes the largest bakery supply distributor in the New York area.
  • 2006: Jeremy, Stuart’s son, expands the business to offer paper supplies, baking tools & equipment, and janitorial supplies.
  • 2010: The company fine tunes its Hispanic cuisine food products to cater to this important and growing community in America.
  • 2015: The company doubles its warehouse size to 91,000 square feet, adding dairy and frozen foods products for its customers, now carrying over 3,000 branded products.
  • 2016: The company launched BakersAuthority.com, a new online brand expanding sales nationally to both the commercial and home bakers.