Indulge in bite-sized chocolate treats with our selection of chocolate cups, perfect for filling with your favorite fillings and toppings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Chocolate Cups?

    • Chocolate Cups are specialty baking cups crafted to infuse chocolate flavors into your baked goods. They provide an innovative and flavorful twist to your regular baking recipes.
  • Are the Chocolate Cups pre-sweetened?

    • Yes, the Chocolate Cups are pre-sweetened to provide a balanced and delightful chocolate taste. However, bakers should adjust the sweetness in their recipes accordingly.
  • What sizes do the Chocolate Cups come in?

    • The Chocolate Cups are available in various sizes suitable for different baking needs, from mini to large sizes. Check the Bakers Authority catalog for specific dimensions.
  • Can the Chocolate Cups be used for both cold and hot fillings?

    • Absolutely! The Chocolate Cups are versatile and can hold both cold desserts like mousses and hot fillings like molten lava cakes.
  • How do I store the Chocolate Cups before use?

    • Store the Chocolate Cups in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to maintain their flavor and texture.
  • Are there any allergens in the Chocolate Cups?

    • Chocolate Cups contain cocoa, and they may be processed in facilities that handle nuts, dairy, and other allergens. Always check the packaging for specific allergen information and ensure your customers are informed.
  • What's the shelf life of Chocolate Cups?

    • Typically, the Chocolate Cups have a shelf life of several months when stored correctly. However, always refer to the expiration date printed on the package for best results.
  • Can Baker's Authority supply unbaked pastries in bulk?

    • Yes, Bakers Authority offers a range of unbaked pastries available for bulk orders. Whether you need croissants, pies, or other specialty pastries, they have you covered.