Elevate your pizza-making game with our premium pizza supplies and equipment, designed to provide you with everything you need to create the perfect pizza pie.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of pizza supplies does Baker's Authority offer for commercial bakers?

    • We offer a wide range of pizza supplies tailored for commercial bakers including pizza sauce, pizza dough, aluminum pizza screens, pizza stacks, clay-coated pizza boxes, and corrugated pizza boxes.
  • Are the pizza dough and sauce from Baker's Authority suitable for all types of pizzas?

    • Yes, our pizza dough and sauce are formulated to be versatile, allowing bakers to use them for various pizza styles from thin crust to deep dish.
  • Why should I choose aluminum pizza screens for baking?

    • Aluminum pizza screens facilitate even heat distribution, ensuring that the pizza crust bakes uniformly. It also allows for better airflow, resulting in a crispier crust.
  • What's the difference between clay-coated and corrugated pizza boxes?

    • Clay-coated pizza boxes have a smooth, white surface, making them ideal for custom printing and branding. Corrugated pizza boxes, on the other hand, offer superior insulation and sturdiness, ensuring the pizza remains hot and the box retains its shape during delivery.
  • Are the pizza boxes from Baker's Authority eco-friendly?

    • Yes, we're committed to sustainability. Our clay-coated and corrugated pizza boxes are made from recyclable materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  • Do you provide bulk discounts for commercial bakers purchasing pizza supplies in large quantities?

    • Yes, we understand the needs of commercial bakers, and we offer competitive bulk discounts for those purchasing pizza supplies in large volumes. Please get in touch with our sales team for more details.