Discover new flavors and textures in your baked goods with our specialty flours made from premium ingredients for exceptional results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a specialty flour?

    • A specialty flour is a type of flour that is different from the common white and whole wheat flours. These flours are typically made from non-traditional grains, nuts, or other substances, and can add unique flavors and textures to baked goods.
  • What are some examples of specialty flours you carry?

    • At Baker's Authority, we carry a variety of specialty flours including almond flour, coconut flour, rye flour, spelt flour, and buckwheat flour, amongst others.
  • What is the difference between using specialty flours and regular flour in baking?

    • Specialty flours can drastically alter the flavor, texture, and nutritional content of baked goods. For example, almond flour is richer in protein and has a nuttier flavor compared to regular flour.
  • How should I store my specialty flour?

    • Specialty flours should be stored in a cool, dry place. Some, like almond and coconut flour, may benefit from refrigeration due to their higher fat content.
  • Can I substitute specialty flour for all-purpose flour in any recipe?

    • Specialty flours have different properties and cannot be substituted 1:1 in every recipe. You may need to adjust the amount of liquid, leavening agent, or other ingredients in the recipe when using specialty flours.
  • What specialty flour would you recommend for a high protein, low carb diet?

    • Almond flour and coconut flour are both high in protein and lower in carbs than traditional wheat flours, making them suitable for a high protein, low carb diet.
  • Do you offer bulk purchasing for specialty flours?

    • Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options for most of our specialty flours, ideal for bakeries and restaurants.