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Our high-quality wax bags provide a durable and reliable solution for storing and transporting food and other items to suit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of using wax bags for my commercial baking business?

    • Wax bags provide a multitude of benefits for commercial bakers. They are highly resistant to grease and moisture, which keeps your baked goods fresher for longer periods. They also make for easier storage and transportation, and their non-stick properties mean that items like cookies, pastries, and bread won't adhere to the bag. This is especially useful for baked goods with high sugar or fat content.
  • Are your wax bags food-safe and compliant with health regulations?

    • Absolutely. All of our wax bags are made from materials that meet or exceed FDA food safety standards. They are designed specifically for food storage and are perfectly safe for direct contact with baked goods and other food items.
  • What sizes do the wax bags come in?

    • Our wax bags are available in a variety of sizes to fit the diverse needs of commercial bakers. Whether you're packing small cookies, large loaves of bread, or anything in between, we have a size that will meet your requirements. Check our product catalog for detailed size information.
  • How resistant are the wax bags to tearing or punctures?

    • Our wax bags are designed to be durable and resistant to tearing and punctures, making them ideal for the demands of a commercial baking environment. They are strong enough to hold heavy or dense baked goods without ripping.