Decorating bags for all your cake and pastry decorating needs, with a variety of sizes and materials to choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do the sizes of the decorating bags vary? Which size is suitable for larger commercial projects?

    • Our decorating bags range from small sizes for intricate detailing to large bags ideal for filling pastries or covering extensive cake surfaces. For larger commercial projects, we recommend our jumbo bags which offer greater volume and ease for bulk applications.
  • Are the decorating bags suitable for hot fillings or creams?

    • Yes, our decorating bags are heat-resistant, making them perfect for hot fillings or creams. Always check the product specifications to ensure the bag meets your temperature requirements.
  • Can I purchase decorating bags in bulk for my commercial bakery?

    • Absolutely! Baker's Authority offers bulk purchasing options at competitive prices for commercial bakeries. Please contact our sales team for volume discounts and custom quotes.
  • Are there any specialty nozzles or tips that are compatible with Baker's Authority decorating bags?

    • Yes, we stock a wide variety of nozzles and tips designed to fit seamlessly with our decorating bags. Whether you're looking for star tips, round tips, or specialty designs, we have the perfect fit for your decorating needs.
  • How do I clean and maintain reusable decorating bags to ensure they last?

    • For our reusable bags, it's best to turn them inside out and wash them with warm soapy water immediately after use. Avoid using abrasive materials to clean. For canvas bags, ensure they are thoroughly dried to prevent mold. Proper maintenance will ensure longevity and optimal performance.
  • What materials are the disposable decorating bags made of? Are they eco-friendly?

    • Our disposable decorating bags are primarily made of food-grade plastic. We are also proud to offer a range of eco-friendly, biodegradable options to support sustainable baking practices.