Gluten-free flour is designed to be an easy-to-use replacement for wheat flour. Gluten-free flours typically produce a much denser product, so blends of different types of grains are used to create gluten-free flour mixes with a more versatile consistency that will work as effectively in the same applications as wheat flour.

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Our selection of gluten-free flours still provides the great taste of the homemade baked goods you love. Gluten-free flours are good for both those who are unable to eat gluten or are looking for another alternative to baking. Since 1917, Baker's Authority has been distributing over 6,000 commercial and home bakery products. Choose from our selection of gluten-free flour available in bulk or home use. For those looking to make gluten free baked goods and treats, from almond flour, oat flour, tapioca flour, our selection of gluten-free flours has got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is gluten-free flour?

    • Gluten-free flour is a baking product designed to replace wheat flour in recipes, making them accessible to those with gluten intolerances or allergies. It's created from different types of grains to emulate the texture and consistency of wheat flour.
  • Does gluten-free flour yield a different texture in baked goods compared to regular flour?

    • Yes, gluten-free flours typically yield a denser product when compared to traditional wheat flour. However, our special blends aim to create a consistency that mimics that of wheat flour as closely as possible, maintaining the familiar texture of your favorite baked goods.
  • Will using gluten-free flour change the taste of my baked goods?

    • Not at all. Our gluten-free flours are formulated to ensure they retain the delectable taste of traditional baked goods. The main goal is to provide a gluten-free alternative without compromising on the familiar, home-baked flavors we all love.
  • What range of gluten-free flours do you offer?

    • Baker's Authority has a wide variety of gluten-free flours to meet your baking needs. We stock everything from almond flour and oat flour to tapioca flour and more. This range ensures that you can create a variety of gluten-free treats without compromising on taste or texture.
  • Can I buy your gluten-free flour in bulk quantities?

    • Yes, we understand the needs of commercial bakers and offer our gluten-free flour in both bulk and smaller quantities for home use. This gives you the flexibility to order according to your specific requirements.
  • Can your gluten-free flours be used for large scale, commercial baking?

    • Absolutely, our gluten-free flours are ideal for use in both commercial baking setups and at home. They have been designed to provide the same quality results regardless of the scale of your baking operation.
  • Who would find gluten-free flours beneficial?

    • Gluten-free flours are an excellent choice for anyone who cannot consume gluten due to dietary restrictions or health conditions like celiac disease. In addition, they are also perfect for those seeking to add more variety to their baking or those wishing to cater to a wider audience by offering gluten-free options.
  • Are the gluten-free flours easy to use?

    • Yes, our gluten-free flours are designed to be easy-to-use replacements for regular wheat flour. They can be incorporated into your existing recipes as a direct substitute.
  • Can I use different types of gluten-free flours in the same recipe?

    • Yes, you can certainly mix different types of gluten-free flours to achieve the texture and flavor you're looking for. This versatility makes them perfect for creating a wide variety of delicious gluten-free baked goods.