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Enhance the flavors of your baked goods, beverages, and desserts with our high-quality extracts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the extracts offered by Baker's Authority?

    • Baker's Authority offers a wide range of high-quality extracts including vanilla, almond, lemon, orange, coffee, and many more. Our selection caters specifically to commercial bakers, ensuring consistency and depth of flavor in large batches.
  • Are your extracts pure or imitation?

    • We pride ourselves on offering pure extracts made from natural sources. Pure extracts deliver a more authentic and robust flavor compared to imitation extracts, which is critical for commercial baking. We provide some artificial extracts as well.
  • How are the extracts sourced and produced?

    • Our extracts are sourced from high-quality, sustainable ingredients from trusted suppliers globally. They are produced through a careful extraction process to preserve the natural essence and flavor of the source ingredient.
  • What is the recommended shelf life for your extracts?

    • The recommended shelf life varies by product. However, most of our extracts have a shelf life of 12-24 months when stored in a cool, dark place and sealed tightly. Always check the expiration date on the bottle for best results.
  • Are there bulk pricing options available for commercial bakers?

    • Absolutely! At Baker's Authority, we understand the needs of commercial bakers. We offer special bulk pricing for those purchasing in larger quantities. Contact our sales team for specific details and quotations.
  • How do your extracts compare in strength to other brands?

    • Our extracts are concentrated and designed specifically for commercial baking, ensuring a consistent, strong flavor even in large batches. In most cases, bakers find that they use less of our extract compared to other brands, due to the potency and quality.
  • Are there any allergen considerations with your extracts?

    • Product safety is a top priority. Each extract's label provides detailed allergen information. If you have specific concerns or needs, please reach out to our customer service team, and they will guide you in selecting the right extracts for your baking requirements.
  • Can I request samples before making a bulk purchase?

    • Yes, we understand the importance of product testing in commercial baking. Please contact our sales team, and they will assist you in arranging sample extracts for your evaluation.