Artisan bread flours comprises premium quality flours, including whole wheat, rye, and spelt, from renowned brands such as King Arthur Flour and Bob's Red Mill. Discover the finest Artisan Bread Flour at Bakers Authority, tailored for professional and home bakers. These flours, available in bulk and wholesale, are ideal for crafting exceptional artisan breads. They offer consistency and quality in each batch, ensuring that your breads have the perfect texture and flavor every time.

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Since 1917, Baker's Authority has been distributing over 6,000 commercial and home bakery products. Choose from our huge selection of artisan bread flours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Artisan Flour?

    • Artisan Flour is a high-quality type of flour typically used for making artisan bread. It is characterized by its higher protein content compared to regular Unbleached White All-Purpose flour, allowing for a sturdier and chewier loaf structure that is often preferred in artisan bread making.
  • Who are the vendors for your Artisan Flour products?

    • We work with a variety of vendors to provide the best quality Artisan Flour. This includes Bakers Authority and King Arthur, among others.
  • Is the Artisan Flour bleached or unbleached?

    • Our Artisan Flour is unbleached and unbromated, keeping it in a more natural state and ensuring you get the best quality product for your baking needs.
  • What is Artisan Flour made of?

    • Artisan Flour is made from wheat. The higher protein content is a result of the specific type of wheat and processing methods used. The process ensures that the flour retains its natural nutrients and has a strong protein structure, suitable for artisan bread making.
  • What type of flour is best for artisan bread?

    • Artisan Flour is considered the best type of flour for making artisan bread due to its higher protein content. The high protein content provides a strong gluten network which results in a better rise and chewier texture, both characteristic of artisan bread.
  • How do I choose Artisan Flour?

    • When choosing Artisan Flour, look for labels that say 'unbleached' and 'unbromated.' Also, consider the protein content, as a higher protein content is usually preferred for artisan bread making. The choice may also depend on the specific vendors or brands you prefer.