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Discover our selection of pre-made frozen cookie dough, perfect for quickly and easily baking up delicious and irresistible treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What varieties of cookie dough does Baker's Authority offer for commercial baking?

    • Baker's Authority offers a wide range of cookie dough varieties, from classic chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin to exotic flavors like red velvet. We cater to the diverse needs of commercial bakers, ensuring we have something for every customer’s palate.
  • How is the cookie dough packaged to ensure freshness during transit?

    • Our cookie dough is sealed in airtight, refrigerated packaging. This ensures that the dough remains fresh during transit and reaches you in the best possible condition.
  • What are the storage recommendations for the cookie dough?

    • It's recommended to store the cookie dough in a cool, dry place if it’s being used within a week. For prolonged storage, we recommend refrigeration or freezing, depending on the specific variety and intended use.
  • How can I ensure consistency in cookie shape and size when using bulk dough?

    • Consistency is key in commercial baking. We recommend using portioning tools, like cookie scoops or scales, to measure out consistent amounts of dough. Pair this with our premium-quality dough for best results.
  • What’s the shelf life of the cookie dough?

    • The shelf life varies depending on the specific dough variety. However, most of our cookie dough varieties have a shelf life of 2-4 weeks when refrigerated. For detailed information, refer to the product label or contact our customer service.