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Buy wax paper in bulk and use it to wrap sandwiches, line pizza boxes, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of wax paper do you offer for commercial baking?

    • We offer a range of wax paper options suitable for commercial baking needs. From pre-cut sheets to rolls in various widths, our wax paper comes in different grades and thicknesses to match your specific requirements. We also offer food-grade, FDA-approved wax paper that's safe for direct contact with food.
  • Is your wax paper oven-safe?

    • Wax paper is generally not recommended for use in the oven as it can melt or catch fire at high temperatures. However, it can be used as a protective barrier in the microwave or for tasks like lining countertops, wrapping food, or separating layers of baked goods for storage.
  • Can I use wax paper for chocolate and candy making?

    • Yes, our wax paper is an excellent choice for chocolate and candy making. It is non-stick and moisture-resistant, making it ideal for handling sticky or greasy substances.
  • What is the maximum temperature resistance of your wax paper?

    • Our wax paper is designed to resist temperatures up to approximately 212°F (100°C). Beyond this point, the wax can start to melt, making it unsuitable for use in the oven but perfectly fine for general preparation tasks.
  • Do you offer bulk discounts for commercial bakers?

    • Absolutely! We understand that commercial bakers have large-scale needs, so we offer significant discounts on bulk purchases. Please contact our sales team for more information on pricing and delivery options.