Collection: Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins

We at Baker's Authority are pleased to provide a wide range of Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins to suit the demands of both home and professional bakers. Rolling pins from Fat Daddio's are simply as excellent as their other baking equipment. Made of anodized aluminum, these rolling pins offer a long-lasting, non-reactive surface that works well for rolling out all kinds of dough. Because of their flat surface, which guarantees an even roll, they work well for fondant and pie crusts alike.

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Different sized Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins are available to suit a range of baking jobs. We offer the rolling pin you need, whether it be for bread dough or delicate pastries. Every rolling pin is made to be comfortable and effective so you can easily produce excellent results. Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins are evidence of our commitment to quality as Baker's Authority is dedicated to provide our customers the best baking equipment available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sort of materials are Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins composed of?

    • A robust, non-reactive surface makes Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins ideal for rolling dough. They are made of premium anodized aluminum.
  • Are Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins dishwasher safe?

    • No, instead a warm, soapy water hand wash is advised for Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins to preserve their durability and condition.
  • What sizes are available in Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins?

    • A range of sizes of rolling pins are available from Fat Daddio's to meet diverse baking requirements, including choices for both little and big dough quantities.
  • Can I roll fondant with these rolling pins?

    • A smooth and even surface that aids in professional outcomes is what Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins are great for when rolling out fondant.
  • How can I keep up the condition of my Fat Daddio Rolling Pin?

    • A gentle soap and water hand wash and then completely dry your rolling pin to preserve it. If you want to avoid damage, don't submerge it in water for long.
  • Are Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins non-stick?

    • Fat Daddio's Rolling Pins' anodized aluminum surface facilitates easy rolling out of different kinds of dough by reducing sticking. Dust the work surface and rolling pin lightly for the best results.