Collection: LETICA Hot Cups

We are happy to sell LETICA Hot Cups at Baker's Authority. These cups are known for being durable and easy to use. The LETICA Hot Cups are great for both business and home use, and they are a safe way to serve hot drinks. Thanks to their insulated design and high-quality materials, these cups are made to keep drinks at the right temperature while being easy to hold.

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We have a range of LETICA Hot Cups in different sizes to meet your needs, from small espresso shots to big drinks. Each cup is made to be useful; the lids are tight, and the cups are strong to keep spills from happening. The LETICA Hot Cups are the right mix of style and functionality, whether you're running a busy café or just relaxing at home with a hot drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sizes do LETICA Hot Cups come in?

    • There are different sizes of LETICA Hot Cups to meet different drink needs, from small espresso cups to big coffee cups.
  • Are LETICA Hot Cups insulated?

    • Yes, LETICA Hot Cups are designed with insulation to keep beverages hot while being comfortable to hold.
  • Do LETICA Hot Cups come with lids?

    • Yes, LETICA Hot Cups do have lids that fit securely on top to keep your drink hot or cold.
  • Can LETICA Hot Cups be used for both hot and cold beverages?

    • While LETICA Hot Cups are designed for hot beverages, they can also be used for cold drinks if needed.
  • Where can I buy LETICA Hot Cups?

    • You can buy LETICA Hot Cups at Baker's Authority. We have different sizes and amounts to meet your needs.