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Glazes are versatile products that can add shine, moisture, and flavor to a variety of sweet and savory dishes, from cakes and pastries to meats and vegetables.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are glazes and pastes?

    • Glazes and pastes are thick, spreadable substances, often sweetened, used to enhance the flavor, appearance, and texture of baked goods. They can provide shine, flavor, or even a protective layer to various bakery products.
  • Why should commercial bakers consider using glazes and pastes?

    • Using glazes and pastes can elevate the presentation of baked goods, making them more appealing to consumers. They can also add unique flavors, retain moisture, and extend shelf life in some cases.
  • Are your glazes and pastes suitable for large-scale commercial production?

    • Absolutely! Our range is specifically designed to meet the high demands of commercial bakers, ensuring consistency in quality and flavor across large batches of products.
  • Do you offer a range of flavors and textures in your glazes and pastes?

    • Yes, we do! We understand the diverse needs of commercial bakers, so we offer a wide variety of flavors, from classic vanilla, chocolate to exotic fruits.
  • How long is the shelf life of your glazes and pastes?

    • The shelf life varies by product, but generally, our glazes and pastes have a shelf life ranging from 6 months to a year when stored in recommended conditions. Always refer to the specific product label for best-before dates.
  • Are there any preservatives or artificial additives in your glazes and pastes?

    • We prioritize the quality and integrity of our ingredients. While some of our products might contain preservatives to ensure a longer shelf life, we always aim to keep our products as natural as possible. Please check individual product ingredient lists for specific information.
  • How can I integrate glazes and pastes into my existing recipes?

    • Glazes and pastes can be brushed, drizzled, or spread onto finished baked goods. They can also be incorporated into batters or doughs, depending on the desired outcome. Our team is always available for product-specific guidance or recommendations.