Collection: Golden Barrel

Products from Golden Barrel, a baking industry brand known for its quality and heritage, are proudly offered at Baker's Authority. Syrups, oils, sugars and baking mixes are just a few of the many products that Golden Barrel offers, suitable for use in both commercial and domestic kitchens. The way these items are designed, they will always produce great and consistent outcomes.

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We carry everything from specialist products to basic baking ingredients. Golden Barrel's meticulous production of their goods reflects their dedication to quality. Golden Barrel offers the ingredients you need for your culinary masterpieces, whether you're creating syrup, baking cakes or cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of products does Golden Barrel offer?

    • A range of items are available from Baker's Authority by Golden Barrel, including sugars, molasses, oils, syrups, and baking mixes.
  • Are Golden Barrel products available in different packaging sizes?

    • Yes, Golden Barrel products come in various sizes to meet different needs, from small packages to bulk quantities.
  • How should I store Golden Barrel products?

    • Store most Golden Barrel items somewhere dry and cool.
  • Are Golden Barrel products suitable for professional and home use?

    • Yes, Golden Barrel products guarantee dependable and consistent results in both home and professional kitchens.
  • Where can I buy Golden Barrel products?

    • A large selection of Golden Barrel's premium ingredients are available for purchase at Baker's Authority.